Update 29/06/14

Minor update containing fixes for a few rarer issues. Waiting for the M4 update? Check our "The next SNOW update" blog post.

  • Fix: Texture resolution not being updated when changing to a higher spec
  • Fix: Square shadow appearing under the player
  • Fix: Actor head not being unhidden after exiting FP mode
  • Fix: Possible crash on startup
  • Fix: Fullscreen mode being disabled after alt-tabbing out
  • Reworked Frontend loading process, fixes rare issue where the game would freeze on Frontend load
  • Fix: Possible crash in CUIMenuEvents::Reset if level was null
  • Fix: Idle action crash if top anim was null
  • Disabled initial savegame
  • Workaround for level unload crash
  • Fix: Menu being drawn on top of the loading screen

Update 14/05/14

  • Added Anti-Aliasing options
  • Fix: Multiplayer crash on join
  • Fix: CCustomizationManager::GetLoadoutFile crash if game platform wasn’t initialized
  • Fixed store camera control using controllers
  • Added support for zooming in the store using the D-Pad
  • Fix: ExportCDF command replacing cdf2 file instead of creating a cdf
  • Fix: Spawn points not being bound to network, resulting in spawn issues in Multiplayer
  • Fixed possible crash if a material effect without particles was spawned
  • Fixed possible Multiplayer crash on join, caused by animations not having been loaded
  • Fixed actors being desynched and not updated in Multiplayer when they’re no longer visible on the host PC
  • Fix: Custom diffuse color not being applied to certain cosmetics
  • Fixed JOI jump textures directory depth being too high
  • Fixed Multiplayer screen not being rendered correctly
  • Removed unused UI PNG files
  • Disabled “Critical FG Error” warning

Hotfix Update 08/05/14

This is a hotfix update to the "M3" update released earlier today.

  • Added support for toggling motion blur via the visual options
  • Decreased default motion blur amount
  • Fixed localization misses
  • Re-added missing ragdollize (R) action
  • Fix: “Couldn’t allocate specular probe texture atlas” error on DX10.0 cards and below. (DX10.1 and up were unaffected)

"M3" Game Update 08/05/14

Major Features

  • Upgraded to CRYENGINE 3.6 including a move to to physically based rendering - This required a full retouch of our game assets
  • New animation pass
  • 64-bit build - Will automatically download and boot for Windows users on x64 systems
  • Reworked stopping functionality
  • Store is now fully functional in-game
  • Introduced animation rarity as a way to add variety to gameplay
  • Reworked pushing functionality, it is now possible to keep pushing by holding in W. However one can still manually press W to push, allowing a bit of spam to get higher speeds than would be possible if only holding down
  • Support for orbiting attachments in the store
  • Full rework of the Low Spec configuration - Including optimizations and tweaks to visual settings
  • Motion blur is now enabled for high and very high specs
  • Improved build step - Cached shaders and precompiled textures for a smoother user experience
  • Added option for fullscreen window / no border
  • Improved controller support

Update Developer Video



New Customization Items

Partial Gameplay Changelog

  • System spec is now automatically detected if not previously set
  • Flash textures are now loaded as dds files via the CE renderer
  • Added new DynamicLightSource and DynamicEnvironmentProbe entities
  • Fix: Ski trails always had view distance set to 255
  • Fix: Player moving while in freeze mode
  • Cycle spawnpoint arrows are no longer shown when there aren’t any spawns to cycle to
  • Removed repetitions
  • New notifications!
  • Reworked fly (F3) and detached (G) cameras to avoid odd rotations
  • Decreased drag coefficient to 1.0 (was 1.2)
  • Frontal area is now calculated dynamically
  • Fix: Pushing animations are uninterruptable now.
  • Fix: UI elements being offset and harder to click after changing resolution
  • UI textures are now loaded into memory upon request instead of at startup
  • The default camera now changes field of view based on player velocity
  • Improved terminal velocity calculation
  • Optimized player update process
  • Reworked snow shader effect
  • Lower specs will now only load lower quality textures
  • Anti-aliasing mode now changed based on spec, disabled on Low
  • Fix: Rare case where one would not be able to do front or back flips using a controller
  • Controller: Both shoulder and trigger buttons can be used to navigate the menu and store now
  • Fix: Store navigation using a controller
  • Fix: Spawn speed being affected by customized characters
  • Decreased minimum velocity required to tuck while in switch
  • Tweaked orbit camera
  • Fix: SKIN attachments were ignored if they contained any joints not present in their owner’s skeleton
  • Last played map as a default map in the main menu
  • Fix: Display mode and vertical sync setting being reset
  • Fix: Ski effects disappearing after customizing the ski while in game
  • Fix: Store camera FPS dependency
  • Fix: The renderer overriding the desired resolution
  • Merged frontend and in-game store cameras
  • Fixed a few cases where CryPhysics interfered with our calculations
  • Fix: Spawnpoints being cycled while the menu was open
  • Fix: Ability to hold grab while skiing
  • Replaced Bow Arrow Grab Left wit Screamin’ Semen Left in the trick definition
  • Frontend: Only change to the store camera when the browsing is activated
  • Set default surface type friction to 0
  • Disabled QuickSwitch action for now
  • Updated Steam API to version 1.29
  • Fix: A few items not matching their thumbnails.
  • Added lens flare to the sun and light sources

Update 31/03/14

  • Reworked fly & detached camera to avoid weird view angles
  • Decreased friction on grindable objects
  • Players can now push when stopped or going very slowly on a rail
  • Fix: Grab reset delay when using a controller
  • Fix: Possible null-pointer crash on spawn
  • Fix: Cursor not being hidden after exiting the in-game menu

Update 28/03/14

  • Fix: Spawn camera defaulting to first person
  • Re-enabled texture streaming
  • Fix: Multiplayer lobby screen not always appearing
  • Fix: Attachments not saving properly
  • Fix: Time of Day being changed when selecting the Store screen in levels other than Frontend
  • Fix: Inability to see character when customizing in-game
  • Fix: Cursor not disappearing when exiting the main menu