Update 31/03/14

  • Reworked fly & detached camera to avoid weird view angles
  • Decreased friction on grindable objects
  • Players can now push when stopped or going very slowly on a rail
  • Fix: Grab reset delay when using a controller
  • Fix: Possible null-pointer crash on spawn
  • Fix: Cursor not being hidden after exiting the in-game menu

Update 28/03/14

  • Fix: Spawn camera defaulting to first person
  • Re-enabled texture streaming
  • Fix: Multiplayer lobby screen not always appearing
  • Fix: Attachments not saving properly
  • Fix: Time of Day being changed when selecting the Store screen in levels other than Frontend
  • Fix: Inability to see character when customizing in-game
  • Fix: Cursor not disappearing when exiting the main menu

"M2" Game Update 27/03/14

Major Features

  • Ski trails
  • Ski particle effects
  • Jump anticipation animations
  • Event system
  • Alternative “Orbit” spawn camera
  • New animation system for the store
  • Leaderboards are now stored per level and can be accessed via the level menu
  • Added “Invite friends” tile to the lobby screen
  • Reworked tiled UI implementation and added support for dynamic tiles
  • Updated to CRYENGINE 3.5.7
  • Actionmaps are now synched using Steam Cloud
  • The game is no longer paused when opening the main menu (Player is frozen instead)
  • Optimized vegetation
  • "Play" menu is now replaced with the "Pause" menu when in-game
  • Redesigned intro screen

New Customization Items


Update Developer Video


  • Updated Steam API to version 1.28
  • Tweaked jumping mechanics
  • Fixed player twitching when stopped
  • Fixed death cam twitching
  • Fixed rotation loadup lock
  • Tweaked controller gestures and moved Tail + Nose Grab to better fit with their keyboard mappings
  • Added “PhysicsOnly” debug command
  • Fix: Input lock on jump
  • Fix: View not being invalidated on spawn
  • Reworked store implementation
  • Minor tweaks to the default camera
  • Fixed the menu not showing up after pressing escape the first time
  • Tweaked movement implementation to resolve issues where the engine physics overrid ours
  • Updated character head
  • Reworked attachment directory structure to avoid having too many subdirectories
  • Use .chr as base mesh instead of .skel
  • Fix: Possible crash on level unload
  • Fix: A couple of null pointer crashes in the ski attachment object
  • Increased rock friction from 0.15 to 0.7
  • Tweaked friction handling
  • Moved to the new CRYENGINE animation database format
  • Disabled crash dialog
  • Fix: Level posters not being rendered correctly
  • Fix: Missing moon texture
  • Hitting enter in the options menu now applies all settings, not just the currently selected one
  • Moved default actionmap to Scripts/Config
  • Fix: Crash in the player profile system
  • Added support for listbox scrolling (used for leaderboards)
  • Bindings are now attached to the skis on death
  • Reverted change to the speedometer that caused the speed to be half of the actual value
  • Fix: Attachments did not inherit velocity from their owner on death
  • Fix: Alt + Enter not toggling full screen mode
  • Disabled SSAO in favor of SSDO for all specs
  • Fix: Crash when switching player type at runtime
  • Fix: Crash on shutdown when Steam initialized failed
  • Added temporary PC button indicator for the menus, can be clicked to trigger the action
  • Added support for cycling level by clicking on the poster
  • Fix: Initial resolution not being set properly, is now saved locally for the next restart
  • Updated Oculus SDK to version 0.2.5
  • Fix: Connecting to a friend before launching the game
  • Added a versioning system to handle automated file deletion
  • Moved USER directory back to the SNOW installation directory
  • Menu navigation bar is now hidden when no longer required
  • Disabled Flowgraph critical error warning
  • Fix: Controls being inversed in fly mode
  • Updated menu tile images
  • Fix: Input getting stuck on state change
  • Fix: Dynamic spawnpoint CVars being registered twice
  • The game now makes sure that the game is running Windows Vista or newer on launch
  • Reworked menu “back” flow to be more intuitive
  • Fix: Vertical sync not being enabled by the Options menu
  • Fix: Display mode changing loop
  • Fix: Mouse sometimes staying visible on gameplay start
  • Fixed a couple of flash errors
  • Tweaked air rotation speeds 
  • Fix: Menu navigation bar buttons incorrectly showing as inactive

Update 28/1/14

This is a small update to our bigger "M1" Update detailed here.

  • Tweaked net syncing.
  • Fixed UI tiles overlapping.
  • Fix: Tricks being executed multiple times per frame.
  • Fix: Animations being requested too often.
  • Fix: “updateButtons” function being called repeatedly.
  • Removed leaderboard logging.
  • Resolution is now set to that of the active monitor if the player is playing for the first time.
  • Steam is now initialized before the engine, and is required for the game to start.
  • Fix: Oculus not being detected.
  • Changed @ui_none localization from “Not detected” to “None” to be more clear in the Oculus options.
  • Fixed some rotation issues stopping certain rotation combinations from working properly

Update 24/1/14

This is a small update to our bigger "M1" Update detailed here.

  • Tweaked multiplayer synching to avoid players hovering over ground.
  • Tweaked air rotation system for a more realistic feel.
  • Fix: Current resolution was not added to the resolution options.
  • Added new forward camera based on community feedback, enabled by default.
  • Fix: Ollie anticipation not triggering.
  • Fix: Ability to get negative score during normal gameplay.

Hotfix Update 23/1/14

This is a small update to our bigger "M1" Update detailed here.

  • Fixed the ability to spam jump after spawning
  • Fixed resetting (continue) subtracting points incorrectly.
  • Fixed spruce collision.
  • Fix: Buttering to boost did not give the additional speed boost.
  • Reworked local profile storage to apply customized variables such as screen resolution directly on boot. (Fixes resolution acting up)
  • Fix: “Compiling texture” message appearing on screen.
  • Fix: Tricks not triggering properly when using a keyboard.